I am an 85 year old deacon and physicist who is currently writing a book entitled Reflections of a Scientist on His Christian Heritage. In June 2006 I established this website for the purpose of posting drafts of chapters of this book together with articles which contain background material to be incorporated in it later. Drafts of chapters are posted at the tab Autobiography. Click on Vita for some brief biographical details. Also posted here are a number of religion talks which I have presented at our parish Adult-Education sessions. My science books are not discussed here, but are listed at This website also hosts (at the tab Articles) some articles which I have written, as well as chapters from the following five (as yet ?) unpublished books:

1. Islam and Christianity Confront Each Other.

2. Memos from Satan: How I plan to Destroy Christianity.

3. End Abortion and Adultery by the Rejuvenation of Christianity. (posted at the tab Same Baby).

4. Conflict of Worldviews (tentative title).

5. In 2002 I rewrote large sections of the Catechism of the Catholic Church in a Baltimore Catechism question and answer format.

For details of the content of these five books click on Books. The chapters of these books plus several Articles constitute the new material being added to this website during October 2012. The remaining material posted at the tabs Catholicism, Religions, Scripture & Tradition, Theology and Theoscience has been on this site for several years, and is just as useful now as when it was posted. The Religions tab provides information on Ecumenism and some Christian denominations, the Theoscience tab introduces topics related to science and religion, and the Catholicism tab provides much information on the Second Vatican Council.


From time to time new articles that I write will be made available to viewers by posting them here, and we begin with two of them:

Article 1 . Inquisitions, Crusades, and Imprecatoria. This article argues that Christianity has denounced the practice of putting members to death for renouncing their faith, and it is time for Islam to become civilized enough to do the same thing.

Article 2 . The Case Against Same Sex Marriages.